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Digi-Mags Highlights

Digi-Mags FREE makes reading on mobile devices easy and fun, you can access your choice of magazine straight from the home page or by using our simple filters or search through the best stories and features from all the publications using the Digi-Mags “highlights” button.

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Unlimited Reading & Devices

With Digi-Mags FREE there are no restrictions on content or the number of devices that can connect in your venue at any one time. You can provide digital magazines to an unlimited amount of users at your venue all at the same time!

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Customers use their own device and Internet connection.

Your customers can use their own mobile device or tablet, and their own 4G connection to access Digi-Mags FREE, there is no need for you to invest in hardware or provide your customers with your Wi-Fi connection!

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Enjoy the Content in High Definition

All magazines on Digi-Mags boast the same stunning imagery as the real magazines and a best-in-class reading experience with crystal-clear text.

Branded Your Way

At no cost Digi-Mags FREE can be fully branded and customised by choosing your own logo and colours. There are also 4 optional promotional pods that can be used to inform your patients.

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